Every day, each of us experiences a wide array of events. Wouldn’t it be nice to see how these events are related?

What is Every?

Every is an iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch application that will track “Every-thing.” The possibilities with Every are not limited to the app, you get to decide what you want to track and when. Say you want to see what time of year you sneeze the most, you can track it. Maybe you want to see how much money you spend in a month, track it. Perhaps you have diabetes and need to keep record of your blood sugar, track it. Seriously, you can track anything you want.

Why Should I Use Every?

Simple tracking on your device meets analysis. You have the option to see the graph of one track individually, or you can see 2 or more tracks on the same graph. That way you can see a how 2 different thing directly relate to each other to affect you. There are many ways that the app can help you. Anyone will be able to see how all of their different life events relate to each other. For example a diabetic will be able to track their blood sugar, carbohydrate intake, and exercise to see what affects them so they can modify their doses of medicine to be healthier and safer.

How will Every help me?

Each of us has been there at the beginning of the year, setting goals to follow our budgets, to eat healthy, and to get back into shape. You start out by downloading all the applications you can find to help you accomplish your goals. Among these apps are: one to help you track the amount of money you spend, another to track water intake, a third to track your exercise, and yet another App to handle your calorie intake. In an effort to improve your life and help you stay on track, you’ve simply made your life more stressful! This laborious task begins to frustrate you and you throw all of your resolutions out the window. How nice would it be to have all of those different tracking applications in one app?

Every is the most convenient and easy way to track well.. “Every-thing” in just one place. It will reduce the amount of time you spend trying to keep on track.

Stay on track with Every!

How Did Every Come to Be?

A year and half ago I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. Now I had to track my blood sugar, intake of carbohydrates, exercise, and how much insulin I took on a piece of paper. After doing this for about three months I thought to myself, “There has to be a better way.” So I started looking for applications on the App Store where I could enter these numbers. However, I could not find any applications that would do this for me without demanding that I enter in certain numbers at specific times. None of them were flexible enough or easy to use. I went to my team at Technophob with this problem, and I suggested that we make an application that could accessibly track things. That way I could easily track all of the numbers necessary to be healthy. The more my team and I brainstormed the more we realized that this app makes is possible for “Every-one” to track “Every-thing.”

Where Can I Get Every?

Download it for free today!

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