How can you use Every?

How can you use Every? We wondered that too. People all over the world have been telling us how they are using Every to improve their lives.

There have been several people that have been using Every in their efforts to quit smoking. By downloading Every, tracking how many cigarettes they smoke, and using the graphing technology they have been able to visibly see that they are smoking less. This is giving them the encouragement they need to stop smoking. We are so excited that we have been able to empower these individuals with what they need to meet their goals.

Every is also pleased to say that we have been able to help some people with chronic health issues. They have been able to see how medicine, activity levels, sleep, and pain relate. They have been able to use Every to narrow down what causes their pain and make it better. One user told us that she discovered that her fatigue and pain came more from a medicine, than her activity level. She took this to a doctor and they were able to change her medication so now she does not feel as much pain.

Another user has been using Every to track blood sugar, carbohydrates, and exercise. Then, using the graph they are able to see how they directly correlate to each other. They discovered that about an hour after exercise their blood sugar always drops. They told me that now they feel prepared for their blood sugar to drop after exercise, so they are able to avoid any potentially dangerous situations.

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These are only a few uses of Every. Download it and let it help you improve your life today! Let us know how you use it on our Facebook or Twitter page!

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