Legal Marketing in the Digital Age

A guide to selling legal services online

Law firms can grow exponentially by investing in digital marketing

Marketing legal services is no easy feat; after all we all hope that we never need a lawyer. Most firms are just taking the first step into digital marketing despite the fact it has been delivering results for other sectors for a good two decades now.

This guide will give you tips and methoods of hooking clients based on tried and tested strategies.

Your Website

Getting someone to build your firms website will result in new clients

Many firms don’t even have a website. Your website is your marketing hub, it’s the place where you get the clients undevided attention and is really just a pitch for the services you provide. Of the websites I have seen these tend to be half hearted, clunky and dated furthermore they really don’t represnt the kind of representation I know these lawyers provide.

Your website should fully showcase your services and assure the client of your expertise, after all that is what you are selling. You should have a different landing page for each of your services e.g. divorce, criminal, contracts etc. A ‘landing page’ does exactly what it says on the tin, your clients will land on this page as a result of your other digital marketing.

You can get a fully built website for less than $500 nowadays, Fiverr is a great place to find someone to do it for you what’s more they can even provide the content for your website!

Search Advertising

I cannot understate the importance of search advertising and I have seen the exponential growth of law firms owing to it.

The most popular platform is Adwords, this is Google’s advertising network and it allows you to direct people searching for legal services IN YOUR AREA to your website.

This works particularly well for the legal industry because services are generally delivered locally. You could be the first result on google when someone searches for the services you provide!

Search advertising also allows a degreee of automation for your business, you can add mobile extentions meaning mobile users can simply tap your ad to call your telephone numer straight away. All of these ‘conversions’ (from search to tap) are measured so you can see how your campaign is doing.

A word of caution however…

Adwords can be quite complex and it is easy to make mistakes that will cost you money. Hiring a freelance Google Certified Adwords Partner may be the best decision you make this year. They work by optimizing your campaign to make the most out of your investment, they will create ads that will actually get clicks, manage your bids manually to keep you at the tip top of results. Adwords partners usually pay for themselves in the end and they deliver top clients.

You can even speed up and slow down your camoaign based on your current workload.

Check out these Adwords partners, some of them even specialize in legal marketing.


Having a blog will drive intereted potential clients to your site in a flash. Blogging is particularly important for law firms as it is a way of giving a little bit of guidance and offering your services for the full package.

Legal blogging will help you to reach clients as they will search google with questions like ‘how long does a divorce take?’, your blog posts will essentially be partial answers to these questions. By having an SEO (search engine optimization) blog your post will come up in search results.

Again a blog post is a subtle pitch to your potential clients, they will appreciate the value of the guidance it provides and as a result make an enquiry about their own legal matter specifically.

There’s lots of newly graduated lawyers and students online who will write blog articles designed to entice clients into making an enquiry check them out here.

The one stop legal marketing shop

I provide all of the services above and I can really get your phone ringing! My packaged services are designed to provide firms with everything they need to grow and make the most out of online marketing.

If you can handle the work I can deliver the clients.

You can check out my services on Fiverr or you can even hire my by the hours with

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