WordPress and Drupal, stop chasing marketshare and create decoupled components
Jani Tarvainen

Are there any sources to back up the “reality” portion of your post?

I’m not against Drupal being better, it’s certainly less easy to pick up and play with for non-devs, or people on cheap hosting (not sure Dreamhost, Godaddy or Mediatemple could run it).

What is the real-world pragmatic benefit of Drupal vs WordPress, or is it just company noise…

Also what is your opinion free (cost) vs free (libre)?

Surely to be truly free software has to be AGPL (so all users are entitled to a copy of the source-code)?

Certainly for government departments that are still trapped in the 70’s as far as adoption of free software is concerned AGPL seems like it could be the best bet for true progress.

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