I Met a Nazi on My Vacation

Dude… Right up until the mild-psychotic break on the train (that seemed to carry over), I was like this man is funny, witty, he’s going to tell me about something, I’m likely to be on his side.

Everyone hates Nazi’s, it’s an easy subject to bond over. But using one drunk asshole to screw up your holiday. That one’s on you… Next time embellish a little, feel free to leave out stories of wanting to key people and scowling at babies because you come off very badly in those parts and actually reinforce some things this asshole likely believes about you.

As a Brit I’d have said something if I heard someone like that. Likely something about his genetic tree being more of a line. I’m sorry nobody on your train had a backbone, and said anything.

He probably in some neanderthal way thought he was impressing your partner by being what he thought a “strong white male”, might be, which is frankly absurd and pathetic. Look up toxic masculinity, this guy would have probably ticked a few boxes.

This doesn’t make your thoughts about keying someone any less insane either, or scowling at a baby, which I recognise you tried to make an anecdote of.

Had you keyed someone, I’d have been as much about removing you and seeing you arrested as as the guy. Good people don’t use keys to attack drunken people. Visitors to nations should try to avoid and minimise violence regardless of how they feel.

Laws shouldn’t be put aside because of an ideological difference. You don’t get to punch Nazi’s (although you can fire them, not accept them into friendship groups etc). Some of the best ways to shut down Fascism I’ve ever seen.


Simply ridicule them, ask them what they think and feel and watch them implode. I know it’s hard, it’s not easy. It probably feels terrible. For that you have everyone’s sympathies and hopefully support.

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