Taking PHP Seriously
Keith Adams

Have you had indeterminate hangs in HHVM yet?

Every time I’ve installed HHVM it’s wound up not serving requests but also not reporting any errors at a certain point with no segfaults, not errors logged. As a result I’ve come to the conclusion that what is okay for Facebook might be a horrible kludge for anyone not just working with basic content types which seems to be their speciality.

One other thing that seems to be missing here is that some features that are simpler to express in dynamic typed languages, but harder to express in strongly typed languages (take WordPress hooks for example).

I’m actually becoming more of a fan of strongly typed languages with low-level control as I get more experience purely because it sucks having to take PHP apart. As an example it’d be nice to opt-in to parsing query strings, POST|PUT|PATCH and multi-part FILES. This talk by Microsoft seems to suggest it’s where kestrel catches up.

It’s nice to have things decided for us, but long-term without a clear compatibility layer or expressed wish to cut cruft, PHP can’t always be considered (Node, Python, Java, C# all have opt-in request parsing).

I would love to think PHP would start cutting features and moving to libraries, but without that I think long-term it’ll be taken over by smaller solutions for embedded, IoT de-centralised solutions. I Hope not, all my clients use PHP in at least one thing they do and I have a few projects in PHP that have been active and bringing in money for years, but it’s looking to be a direction I’m considering more.