I could be becoming Rick.
Joshua Tobias Smith

Hey there,

I could be becoming Rick.
I have my own whiteboard, I think that only I can do the work that I’m doing and I am not keen on meetings…

I don’t think you’re Rick. Rick probably reads this and laughs with OP (who is a Rick or worse but doesn’t realise it). A Rick is unaware they are a Rick. Others may seek to benefit from convincing you that you are a Rick, or toxic, but you always have to evaluate that unless it comes from a trusted source.

My MD almost gets what I’m trying to achieve, but sometimes deviates from what I have set up — an order of operations that have to be followed to form a larger strategy.
I’ve tried to demonstrate a visual of why things need to be done in order as clearly as possible but sometimes I’m overruled with an “I know best” authority.

You need to be able to trust your MD, and upon occasion, ask for them to trust you. If you can’t and you cannot have a conversation around that; quit rather than become Rick.

From my perspective, I’m made promises that I don’t see come to fruition which damages my progress and enthusiasm.

You made the promises. Teachable moment right there. All you need to say is

“I can’t give you an answer right now, but give me a day/week/month and time with decision makers and stakeholders, I should have something worked out.”

At that point you’ve done your best.

After my working hours I have in the office I still get phone calls after work to talk about work all over again.

Turning off, or saying you cannot solve right now, and sending extra bills will stop that. Cards on the table I’m a contractor, not salaried. If the deal to get a salary is to earn less and be on call 24/7, that is not healthy.

I feel like I just want to be left alone to get on with what I’m building so that I can get back to executing the campaigns I’m building.

Fight it with all your might. It’s like the urge to curl into a ball if you’re hit. If you come out of it at all you’ll feel worse. Write down what you want to build right now somewhere (I love Kanban for this and use WeKan because it’s free, open source and I can keep it on-premise, on a laptop etc).

I’ve liked every single post telling off OP because the original post was a dick-move and I don’t think they realise how badly their celebration makes them and their company look. That doesn’t make old Albert Einsten “Rick” any less of a dick either.

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