The Imposter
Pablo Stanley

Just wanted to say, the language we use in #tech is directly to blame for most peoples feelings of inferiority or being an imposter.

The first few images, you belittle GUI users pretty quickly. There are plenty of reasons not to like traditional GUI tools (specifically WYSIWYG web-editors) that float around the web, but the same is true for most tools.

All this despite a lot of us starting in a GUI, and there being people that do good work, and craft careers using GUI’s.

This is not a defence of a GUI, or a slam of your article, or any particular tool, but more of a nod to the fact many people develop these complexes as a direct response to the demands of the industry.

Some are more sensitive than others. Some are more demanding, but the cause is pretty clearly written over most blogs and tech journo’s and even in our thoughts about our work.

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