I think the gender disparity is the story here.
Sean Canton

Medium needs to do a better job of author attribution; I found the original original thread, this lunch I’ve followed it through; I Hope untangled a bit, or at least my understanding of what prompted your post Sean Canton

The problem is not that some women might “control the social dynamics”; or maybe some “men control the power dynamics of the workplace”. Just thinking in those binary terms is a bit limiting, and insulting though isn’t it.

Maybe, the might, the chance or choice is removed. That we can generalize that there are blue and pink jobs in 2015 or 2016 is appalling, it does a disservice to all genders that anyone would think based on gender someone is less capable of a professional task!

I Haven’t quite worked out this medium thing yet, how to use it, how to respond well, or use it’s tools, to be honest I’m not sure I care, but here is the original article.

It has made me think with a smile. I wonder if anyone I work with hates me? 
I Hope if they do they keep it to them fucking selves, because I am not a professional play-mate, I’m a serious contractor with skills!

I loved the tirade in the original post to this effect because it’s exactly how I feel; why do I have to approve of you socially, your opinions, my approval won’t be taken to anyone else as a gatekeeper without giving you ample opportunity to explain it.

Better still why would you, or anyone seek my approval. Don’t! You’ll feel better, because chances are there is something that we don’t like about everyone, unless I lie to you, there will be something I don’t like, and there may be things you don’t like; including our very nearest and dearest; so it is best to keep at least some of it in if we can.

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