Generations before ours fought for our right to privacy. Not caring about it shows little knowledge about history and the importance of it.
“I have nothing to hide. Why should I care about my privacy?”
Fábio Esteves

Surely you can also see that for many, the need for privacy may no longer be important, or as important as it was; which is their personal choice and right. I’d also say the view you are proposing ignores many other things, that also had historical importance, which also are not relevant in the modern age. Perhaps they don’t know about these either. Is this causing harm? Is lack of consensus really always evidence of ignorance?

In my nation free at the point of receipt healthcare is something we now have that historically we never had. I’m not so sure that it’s a good thing beyond instant satisfaction and being an emotional decision and easy option.

It’s easy to say these things made {X} person’s life easier, or to think of how it’s helped, and indeed it has helped it’s easy to use the emotional pull, to claim some fundamental understanding of the rights people based upon their individual need, or to focus on and deify individuals.

What is harder, less popular and may well lead to emotionally revolting decisions, some of those may be the better option in some contexts. Whilst I’m not suggesting we always opt for the un-emotional, or seek revolting solutions looking at events around the world it’s very clear to me that certain groups place far to much emphasis on their own emotional state, leaking verbal drivel like “my truth” as-if truth was some n-th dimensional construct.

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