Lewis Cowles
Aug 6 · 1 min read

You’ve illustrated my point perfectly thank you. You are seeking consensus from 100% of people. I cannot recall a single subject beyond trivial self-interest where 100% of people agree.

I’m not deliberately missing the point. You don’t have a point. You have strong feelings, which you feel others should act upon.

The NodeJS ecosystem has had crucial parts forked before. You’ve neither paid for it, nor presented an alternative or efforts on improving.

It’s a waste of both our time, and those authoring NPM to spend time. If they dealt in opinions, even of thousands, they’d risk incurring the opinions of others. As-is my point remains that NPM supports your use case, and you are misdirecting your efforts attempting to influence minutia.

    Lewis Cowles

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    Digital Architect & Owner - http://www.codesign2.co.uk UK-based I.T. Consultancy.I make things happen and could probably help you deliver software & experiences

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