The Power of Non-Linear Life Paths

Forbes just named her the #1 Entertainment Influencer in the World.

She has over 10 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

She’s bffs with The Rock and gets to collaborate with superstars.

She calls herself Superwoman.

But when Lilly Singh was in college, thinking she needed to be a doctor or lawyer to be successful in life, she was depressed and miserable.

In fact, it got so bad she could barely get out of bed.

When I got to ask Lilly about the shifts she made to create the incredible success she has over the past 7 years, she told me a big part of it was realizing her path did not have to be the standard, linear one that so many of us expect.

The first time she uploaded a YouTube video, she had no idea what she was doing or that she was starting a new career.

She couldn’t have understood how she would find her voice or resonate with so many people or have so much fun.

She just knew something about the creative control of making her own video and sharing it publicly drew her in and she had to do it.

And she kept doing that month after month, year after year, creating a career and opportunities that are beyond her biggest dreams.

Now she declares she wants to be a superstar — and she will be because she knows the power of trusting her path and her instincts.

I love Lilly’s example of trusting the process of life and dropping expectations that it will look like anyone else’s.

As she told me,

“There’s very seldom right and wrong. There’s more often different.”

Are you ready to trust the process of YOUR path?

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