We Watch the Stars

Lewis Kay-Thatcher
Sep 19 · 1 min read
Illustration by Lewis Kay-Thatcher

And then we sat,
A little lost but still profound.
Close to the edge,
So close that we might fall,
But we may fly instead.

Have you ever felt like
There’s nothing out there?
Just an abyss.
A forest with no trees,
An ocean with no creatures,
The sky with no stars.

But they are there.
They are all there.

Because it’s only when the light retreats into hiding,
That we can see the sparks fly.
The darkness that spins us round,
points us
In the right direction.

And so we sit.
So close that we might fall,
We do, but we fly instead.

We glide up.
To sit among the stars.
And we look up,
To see more stars,
And we blossom amongst them,
And we blossom amongst them,
And we blossom.

Lewis Kay-Thatcher

Written by

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