How To Keep A Gratitude Journal.

“I started the diary during a period of time when I was concerned about the inconsistency of positivity in my mental health. I often found that I swung between feeling perfectly happy and then less well fairly regularly. It was hard to manage; I was uncomfortable with the instability of my mind and wished to feel differently. The idea of writing down something I was grateful to have or be grateful for came naturally. I hadn’t read about it as a concept; it just came to me as an organic idea to reflect more positively on each day. Quite instantly I found that the diary made me feel more reflective, reassured and aware of goodness and abundance in my life.”

Lauren Marina, vegan activist, social media whizz and meditation enthusiast, has kept a gratitude journal for the last two years. 
As part of the #12DaysOfGratitude, a project supporting sharing gratitude and discovering new ways to share it, Lauren is willing to share her journal. It will inspire others to recognise both the little things in life and also the larger emotions.

The #12DaysOfGratitude project is all about embracing the idea of gratitude, whether the project inspires it, or it already exists.

“5.1.16 I’m grateful for trekking and jogging over windswept Dartmoor…”

“20.1.15 Long hot baths and cups of tea when it is so chilly outside!”

“8.3.15 — I’m grateful for being empowered with skills to be a better, kinder, attentive and supportive listener. ”

Gratitude’s arise in large and profound moments, but also in the small details. Being aware of their presence in the day conjures a flowing energy of thankfulness, to myself and to other beings around me. For me, keeping a ‘Gratitude diary’ contributes to a positive outlook where you recognise life around you for its goodness; when you start spotting things to be grateful for — it’s a rolling effect — you see more and more!”

“10.3.15 — I’m grateful for the temptation to put my feet in the Loch, sit on tree roots, feel cold soft pebbles under my feet…”

“6.1.16 — Grateful for a restorative night’s sleep, with a roof over my head.”

“15.5.15 Feeling grateful for being at a point in life where I feel absolutely affluent in positive, inspiring, progressive, forward thinking, intellectual, creative and inclusive people.”

The diary helps to be more aware of human life around me. Recognising the positive qualities that people bring to my day allows me to really be thankful for their presence in my life.”

“21.6.16 — A 10 o’clock swim with seven others on Southsea Seafront. Skinny jeans and inky deep sea.”

“11.10.16 — Grateful for cycling home, crisp chill. Smoky, bonfirey, leafy scent of autumn for the first time this year…”

“20.03.16 Grateful for a new film to provoke thought — “It’s great to be outside convention”.”

“An added effect of the diary is that it’s really uplifting to look back on — essentially it’s a day to day diary of all the brilliant and happy things that have happened. If I’m ever feeling low I reach for the diary and read back and reflect — it’s hard not to feel a little lifted after dipping back into happy moments in the past.”