Only Jeremy Can Save Us From The Bollocks In America

A few weeks ago the world’s biggest story in decades, MSM ignored, could be the piece of the jigsaw puzzle that makes what you’re seeing fit together into a complete picture? You’ve discovered that half of Labour is bad, just as all of the Conservatives are, and all of the US is. The following also “strangely” appears to link to half of Labour, all Conservatives and all of the US.

Israel International Infiltration Operations (IIIO) control of UK Politics/Law.
Part 1: Israel the Genocidal Guy Fawkes and their plot on British Government.
Part 2: Israel & US involved in Israel’s Genocidal Guy Fawkes plot.
Part 3: Israel (not voters) choosing British Politicians. Falsely using antisemitism as a trap to remove politicians.
Part 4: International Fascism. Israel & the rich directing war support through USrael & UKrael.

IMO the British traitor PM Theresa May must resign now, along with all the other Conservatives and Labour MP’s who said something to the effect of “Matter Closed” or said nothing.
We haven’t seen infiltration like this, so the Israeli Embassy should have been totally shut down, and in reality with such treason, the Genocidal Bulldozer State’s Embassy should have been demolished.

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