Google finally scuttles G+, Jan 24th, 2017

This apparently affects desktop users most, as their interface changes apparently work better on mobile. I watched this rollout for months and tried to cope with the new interface, but I couldn’t stomach it at all. I monitored other people’s reactions to it. Every time I posted complaints about it I never received responses from anyone telling me it was good. 6 months ago was the same, and its initial release was the first time I’d ever seen Official G+ update posts go without filling up the maximum 500 comments, and without any substantial details or asking for help. The few comments were just worthless fluff.

What I had speculated/questioned is that Google seemed to be scuttling G+. I’d never seen any good feedback, and Google forged ahead with their new interface. G+ at one time was rapidly catching FB’s user base, but they released a series of user unwanted updates that progressively irritated the users, especially new users, and the surge in popularity slowed rapidly.

Is there some shady behind the scenes agreement between FB and Alphabet/Google, that FB can have the social networking platform if Google can have the e-mail side of things. Remember that FB very strangely ended its e-mail system.

Regardless, I’ve left G+. I was at a point where I wanted to change my sources of information. Improve them. I would have done so at G+, but I can instead try to do so with other services, such as Medium.