Is Der Spiegel’s “IS killer Jihadi Don Trump” cover wrong?

The cover suggests Don Trump is responsible for USrael not being a “Democracy”. This is not the case, as USrael left democracy behind a long time ago, confirmed by USraeli university studies, Chomsky etc etc, who at the time they declared US democracy was gone, tried to describe what the US had become. Various descriptions emerged. Now we have Don Trump at the helm, and USrael’s current status of Fascism is falsely attributed to him, as USrael was under fascism during the Democrat’s/Obama’s time in office. The public with no voice, and other entities Israel, rich and corporate leaders directing the government/war machine.

Another issue is that Don Trump still hasn’t been in power long enough to know his policies, although some ugly ones are ripening/ripe.

Obviously this cover is going to create strong opposition from the Mainstream Media aligned with Don Trump, especially as figures like Don Trump, David Cameron have created a world of much more extreme viewpoints. The Establishment’s desire for fascism has called upon the Obamas, Don Trumps and David Camerons/Theresa Mays to bring in much more “Right” leaning policy, leaving a much wider division between Center Responsible politics and Extreme Right TeaPublican dictated policy. A cover like this Der Spiegel one has to take criticism from the extreme right and all the public they’ve managed to indoctrinate with propaganda to get into power. Therefore, currently, the people looking at this cover rationally are the minority (at least of the few who vote).

The Der Spiegel Cover seems to be very simple, best evaluated as though you were a Muslim. Racist Don Trump ignoring his Presidential duty to serve The Public and instead serving The Few by ripping up The Constitution and any form of rational thought. The policy resulting in bloodshed.

The Cover’s likely also much deeper than this, a prediction of the future. What Don Trump/USrael will be doing in the Middle East.

I don’t see a problem with the cover and the creator having his freedom of speech. He seems to have presented the issues clearly.