Jimmy Dore misses the plot on Warren’s Carson confirmation.

I like Jimmy’s YouTubes and overall direction on politics, but like everyone else, he doesn’t know/understand everything, and being a comedian he gets it wrong more frequently than I want him to get it wrong.

Watch the video below and I’ll explain what Jimmy and his assistants missed.

Although I view Elizabeth Warren as just another of USrael’s Establishment politicians, the next in line to be “rebel vote catchall” after Sanders, stopping any votes leaving the Establishment One Party for a responsible party, the reason Warren acts this way towards Carson (what Jimmy Dore missed) is that she and democrats should relish the clueless TeaPublican display Carson is about to present to the US. Warren wants Carson in place for the damage he’ll do to the TeaPublican party.

If Sarah Palin had been choice #2? Well… then it might have been a more difficult decision………..