More evidence Google scuttled G+ Desktop <& users>…

Today I discovered the following questionnaire from Google+.

No, it wasn’t asking G+ users for their opinion. I don’t remember G+ ever asking me <its user> for an opinion. The New FORCED G+ has been comprehensively panned by its users based on what I’ve seen. This questionnaire is being asked to “non” G+ users <people not logged into G+, but visiting a G+ page>.

If you’re not asking your users for input, then you’re not interested in them, don’t care about them or the system, only in yourself. Google doesn’t appear to have wanted Desktop G+ and has scuttled it. They’re only interested in what their leaders/designers want, and that’s why they’re not asking G+ users who know the difference between what’s needed in a social networking platform and not. They’re instead hoping non-users might like “the look” of something they know nothing about.

Google again appearing to be dredging the bottom of the barrel to try to drum up any form of positive statistics it can tout. IMO, over the years G+ reprogrammed the system deeper and deeper into menus, (gradually ruining the user experience) in an effort to generate bigger usage stats (users pressing keys more, which also force users to stay on the system longer).

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