Fat Women Take up all of the Space

Fat Feminism. Fat feminism is a form of feminism, being a social group that encourages equality between all, that specifically focuses on the activism of fat, or overweight, or potentially obese women and men. A chunk of feminism does include body positivity, which always includes all bodies, no matter the shape or size. While this is true, “fat” people have always been considered a different kind of citizen, and have always been treated as such. For instance, there aren’t as many clothing options available, they are less likely to be considered for a job, and being verbally and physically harassed on the streets. Because of such harsh maltreatment, those who consider themselves fat, overweight or obese have created their own category in feminism. People used to think that being comfortable in your own body was always necessary, but recently it was found that fat feminism isn’t very safe being that it can become a health concern, creates habits such as laziness, and this “category” they they’ve created is a big excuse.

Fat feminism, also known as fat acceptance originally had a good concept behind it, that it’s okay to be bigger than the “average” person. After a couple years, it seems as though the meaning has changed, it now seems as though fat feminism is that it’s okay to be fat and unhealthy. This has started to rise a concern for health. A 300 pound person does not have the same health benefits as one who is maybe 150 pounds. For example, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, one who is overweight or obese has a high possibility of getting “diabetes, high blood pressure, blood irregularities, and serious disease”. With this being said, people becoming okay with living an unhealthy lifestyle is putting their health at risk. Fat acceptance is only a beneficial thing when it’s not putting one’s body at risk.

Similarly, the idea of fat acceptance is a big excuse for not bettering yourself. While it is not realistic for everyone to walk around with accentuating features such as a 6-pack, bulging biceps, and ridiculously muscular quads, there is no reason someone can’t make small changes in their life in order to better their health or making obesity a goal to strive for. Fat acceptance ignores actual health issues and focuses more on changing society’s image of what a normal person should look like, they are trying to make overweight become a social norm because some people are too lazy to even attempt to change their habits. The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance points out that size and weight discrimination are an issue, as anyone would agree, but it also enables people to stay fat with lies. They are convincing people that having more fat than others is neutrally comparable to maybe someone with short hair as opposed to long hair.

On the other hand, fat feminism could potentially be a very positive and uplifting way of acceptance. For instance, women like Megan Crabbe are huge influences for women all around the world. Being that she has struggled with an eating disorder for all of her life her being able to look in the mirror and seeing a “little bit [of] fat” her eyes were open in a whole new way (Crabbe). She acknowledges that we live in a society where fat puts fear into us, as well as fat doesn’t synonymously mean lazy or unattractive (Crabbe). After going through her own self discovery, Crabbe realized that it is okay to be bigger than other people and it is still okay to be comfortable in that same set of skin you’re in.

Similarly, there are other social media sites who encourage fat feminism, such as Tumblr. Tumblr has tags that anyone can search, updated multiple times a day. Within these tags, there are different kinds of posts that encourage loving the body that you’re in, no matter how big. A couple being “fat women are masterpieces” and “support fat people who want to feel good about themselves”. Tumblr has always been a social media website that focuses a little more heavily on acceptance it seems like. There are more controversial issues talked about on Tumblr, being that it is a blog website. With this being said, it’s easier to talk about fat acceptance on Tumblr because there is more support offered and it’s accepted more.

In today’s society, more and more body types are being accepted, which is always ideal, it boosts confidence and creates connections for everyone. With this being said, it is still important to make sure you are healthy while doing so. Fat acceptance or fat feminism is particularly important because rates of those overweight and obese are still and have been increasing since 1990 , according to Food Politics by Marion Nestle, Â as well as this being linked to new cancers as of October 2017. For example, the rate of adult obesity in 2016 was 25.5%, being a little over a quarter of the nation being at risk of multiple health related problems. It is always encouraged to be as comfortable in your skin as possible, but fat feminism is borderline detrimental to health.