“Statistically 1 in 4 women will be affected by domestic violence in their lives…”

The Black Dot Campaign has taken social media by storm and has now gone viral. This campaign has been launched in an effort to give a voice to those who cant speak out due to domestic violence. For victims in need of help all they have to do is simply draw a black dot on the palm of their hands. Their hopes for this dot is to become a universal sign for anyone to be able to recognize and help this victim.

A victim herself was inspired with this idea because she knew from experience many people have trouble asking for help, this powerful dot, she hopes, will be the voice to those who suffer in silence.

Domestic violence is a topic I rarely speak on and very rarely open up about my own personal experiences with. I have bore witness to people I love in the midst of falling victim to domestic violence. I have seen the fear that they try to justify. There is no justifying domestic violence and I love that this campaign can potentially give someone back their own control in a way. Standing up for yourself against your domestic abuser is a difficult thing physically and emotionally. Having someone who can help and stand up with you and for you can be life saving.

Every domestic violence situation is different. The only thing they all have in common is control. Keep your eyes open for any signs of domestic violence. A helping hand may just be someone’s saving grace.