Experts Working In The Trade Of Plumbing

Many people think that plumbers are the only professionals in the plumbing industry. However, there are plenty of other tradespeople who work as a part of the trade as well, like steamfitters, pipelayers, pipefitters, etc.

There are mainly five main types of experts working in the trade of plumbing — pipelayers, pipefitters, plumbers, sprinkler fitters and steamfitters. Each of the tradespeople work within a certain area and make use of specialized tools as well as skills. They usually begin their career as apprentices or take courses from an institution. After learning all necessary tricks of their trade or completing the courses, they begin working professionally in exchange for a fixed annual salary.

Let’s take a detailed look at the various professionals who work as a part of the plumbing industry:


Professional plumbing contractors in Vancouver generally install and repair water & heating systems. Different experts work within different premises, such as residential, commercial or even industrial. Those who offer their services to new construction projects generally configure as well as install plumbing systems by studying the blueprints. While handling repair and maintenance jobs, they may even need to perform a bit of carpentry work like drilling holes in walls for accessing pipes, etc. They are also trained to install a wide variety of fixtures like sinks, bathtubs, shower heads, water heaters and also dishwashers.


Pipelayers offer the mainframe for exterior plumbing systems by installing all the requisite pipes. To begin with, they dig trenches either manually or with machines, and prepare the grade for laying the pipes. After the trenches are complete, they are lined with plastic, concrete or clay. Finally, the piping is laid out for water mains, drains and sewers.


Pipefitters mainly work in industrial & power plants for installing and maintaining water systems required for large-scale purposes like heating & cooling, manufacturing and power generation. They work with low as well as high pressure systems. They can also install automated controls for regulating the different industrial systems.

Sprinkler Fitters

Sprinkler fitters are, in fact, special plumbers trained to install and repair automatic fire sprinklers found in manufacturing plants, residential properties and office buildings. They possess a sound knowledge about the working principle of such systems.


They are quite similar to pipefitters as their workplaces also include industrial and power plants. However, their specialization is in working with pipe systems used for moving high pressure gases or liquids.

Thus, the plumbing industry is more vast than common people usually assume it to be. And though the basic work is more or less the same, each one of the tradespeople has a different job to take care of.