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Well that’s good to know! Sure wish the JSF didn’t cost $800M apiece (over their lifetime). I wonder though what *really* is up with these deals. $800M would buy a hell-of-a-lot of drones. Why spend so much on some tech-plane that will mostly likely be “in maintenance” for much of its life?

Sorry, I’m not buying the sales pitch of the F-35.

(cite:Norway has estimated that each of their planned 52 F-35 fighter jets will cost their country $769 million over their operational lifetime)

Still, about Russia’s air force… numerous alternative facts out

“According to the Joint Stock Company UAC (United Aircraft-building Corporation), Russia has produced more combat aircraft than the U.S., in 2014.”

Among other bits and pieces that indicate Russian Air Force is not down and out and adapting well-enough.

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