Did you know that registering for Startup India is a breeze? Myth Vs. Reality!

Sep 23, 2017 · 2 min read

Given our experience in helping startups obtain Startup India recognition, we are surprised at how many people still think it is a cumbersome exercise. The process is so easy and painless, that getting a Startup India recognition now is less than a day’s job!

In this blog, LexStart aims to clarify the popular myths around the process for a Startup India recognition:

Startup Recognition — Myth Vs. Reality

And if you still don’t believe us, here are what some of the Startups who recently got recognized have to say:

“My company Delectrik Systems Pvt. Ltd. recently received the Startup recognition certificate from DIPP and subsequently also got approved as Eligible Business for availing Tax Benefits. Post application the Startup recognition took about a week’s time and the Tax benefit approval another 10 weeks. I was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of the whole process. In addition to the standard company details all my application had was a 2-page pitch document on company’s nature of Business, its potential, impact and the present status” — — Vishal Mittal, Delectrik Systems Pvt. Ltd.

“I had “register for StartUp India” on my to do list for months, but kept putting it off until I heard from a fellow entrepreneur that it had only taken him a single day to apply. I then filled out the application and submit it in just an hour or two. The only part that took any time was editing our pitch deck for the application. Now I just wish I’d done it earlier!” — Katie Taylor, Khetworks

‘’We never thought getting the Startup India registration could be made so hassle free until we came across LexStart. Infact if it wasn’t for LexStart, we would’ve postponed this cumbersome process for some other time as we had to focus on our core activities. Thanks to LexStart we had the entire process completed in a breeze and we would recommend any other company to confidently avail the support of LexStart for an efficient and smooth service.’’ — Arun George, Avant Garde Innovations

So what exactly do you require to get a Startup India recognition? Read our blog on “Qualifying for Startup India” or take the quick 2 minute test here.


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