An open letter about how #AdobeMax chose to ‘honor’ my culture on one of the most sacred days of the year

On Saturday, November 2nd, I attended the Dia De Los Muertos event at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where people from all over the world come together to share a passion for art and culture by honoring the dead. As a creative director, I’ve had the honor and opportunity to support artists…

The biggest lesson Anthony Bourdain taught me was to choose my words as carefully as I would choose my next meal, and the person I would share that meal with. It was about reflecting empathy, honoring time, authenticity, and shared struggles…about looking to the parts unknown inside of us.

Celebrating Bourdain’s life with food should be secondary, Empathy first. What Bourdain reflected to us is not a super power. It is a human ability that is free and filled with potential ripples. We must connect with ourselves and assist others in cultivating growth inside of themselves and others.

Who cultivates growth inside of you?

Bourdain’s journeys through food reflect to us the need to see each other as whole endowing people with parts unknown.

Notes on the creative parallels between the aesthetics of A Love Supreme and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Please note: I have chosen to publish this as an organic and living piece. These rough and incomplete notes are my exploration of parallels between two works that became catalysts for creative transformation. These notes will continue to be edited and restructured.

Today is December 12th, 2014, a day of…

Lexx Valdez

👁 Xicana Creative Strategist • she/her 🌀 🎨 🌵 Los Angeles, CA 💌

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