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“I choose to look at it [dyslexia] as a positive”

How have you dealt with receiving a diagnosis of dyslexia, in relation to higher education and the workplace?

What are the strategies you’ve used to support yourself?

How have adjustments helped you to progress in your workplace?

How do you boost your self-esteem and challenge negative thoughts?

For Lexxic’s September video Podcast, Nicola James, CEO of Lexxic Ltd, spoke with Bobbi Birk, Risk & Assurance Analyst at the General Pharmaceutical Council about her experience with dyslexia, workplace support and confidence.

Bobbi Birk — Risk & Assurance Analyst, General Pharmaceutical Council

An enthusiastic Bobbi shares her journey to receiving a diagnosis of dyslexia at University and the support she has received through Lexxic. She describes how she has made use of assistive technology in the form of software, such as Inspiration and Dragon which she stated has “changed her life”. Bobbi informs us of her openness in relation to dyslexia and the reaction she received from her colleagues. She also touches on how she stays positive, boosts her self-esteem and challenges negative thoughts; with the support of self-help books.

Watch the video above to watch Nicola’s meeting with Bobbi and feel free to let us know what you think!

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Interview by Nicola James, Chartered Occupational Psychologist, with Bobbi Birk, Risk & Assurance Analyst, General Pharmaceutical Council.

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