“Neurodiverse employees do provide a benefit, […] a competitive edge” — Tiffany Sunday

2 min readMar 12, 2019


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Are you interested in finding out Tiffany’s journey to becoming a successful author and speaker?

Have you wondered what the strengths associated with dyslexia are?

How can organisations support their employees to excel?

Watch Lexxic’s Neurodiversity Insights to find out more about Tedx Presenter, Author and Speaker, Tiffany Sunday. Tiffany’s new book, “How Dyslexics Will Rule the Future”, is out now!

For Lexxic’s March Neurodiversity Insight Edition, Amber Williams, Junior Assistant Psychologist at Lexxic had the pleasure of talking to Tiffany about the strengths that come with neurodiversity, the journey to bringing awareness around dyslexia and the issue with focusing on difficulties.

“…dyslexics tend to be mavericks”

Tiffany touches on how dyslexia can impact the way a neurodiverse individual communicates. She looks at ways she has supported herself and discusses how the world of work may look in the coming years. She provides advice for individuals to reflect and identify their strengths and talents. Tiffany also delivers advice for how educators could be more mindful about how they talk about students.

Watch the video above to watch Amber’s interview with Tiffany and feel free to let us know what you think!

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Interview by Amber Williams, Junior Assistant Psychologist, with Tiffany Sunday, Tedx Presenter, Author and Speaker.

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