Best Breakfast in East London is in Leyton? And it’s Haggis?

East London is always changing. The state of flux around nodal points like Leyton since the Olympics were announced in 2005 has been staggering. Timeout even managed a lovely photo of the High Road in an article that declared zone 3 is the new zone 2. No doubt that’s where their journalists now reside and are keen to excite further, the already overheated, real estate market.

Leyton high road has greasy spoon that does belly busting, artery clogging fry ups. There’s a couple of Portuguese restaurants and a licensed deli that has cheap lager on draught. Romanian and Polish mini marts now wrestle custom from Sainsburys local and Tesco metro. Pakistani curry/kebab takeaways offering exotic dishes such as sheep’s stomach with spinach. There’s longstanding, late opening Turkish convenience stores and the Anatolia restaurant. Not to mention the protein land grab for your taste buds by Gym’s Kitchen.

There’s a new player in town and it’s come from an unlikely place – Scotland. It’s called Deeney’s and its USP in a crowded market place is HAGGIS.

Haggis for the meat eater and haggis for the vegetarian. On sourdough toast with melted cheese and caramelised onions. It’s bloody marvellous and a welcome addition to the culinary delights of Leyton.

Find them for yourselves … Deeney’s Cafe is 330 Leyton High Road London E10 5PW

Or popping up at St Kathetine’s Dock, Broadway Market and Chatsworth Road on the weekend