As we all know we can see many different styles display window in the city because the people in the city have higher spending power.So the office building and hotel can become multifunction to maximize the benefits.And I will use the pan shoot to film these three buildings’ display window.

Video 1. DOWN BY LAW - Trailer ( 1986 )

The film “DOWN BY LAW” (Vid.1) by Trailer is a story about three men who previously unknown to each other, are arrested in New Orleans and placed in the same cell.At the start of the film, Trailer used a pan shot to record the scenes of New Orleans and showed how did three men been caught and meet together. We can understand the background of the story very fast when we watching the scenes of pan shot, the building style, environment, and transportation. Pan shot is a film technique by moving the camera horizontally to make the image running through the screen. And by the speed or the angle by the camera moving, the audience can understand which transportation are using in the film.

Video 2. Pan Shot of Sydney City by Wen Li

Actually, the pan shot is like a very long photo and it keeps fill up the information by changing and linking the picture into your mind. So I try to hold my phone (camera) reappear the action when we shopping on the street to take the pan shot of the display window (Vid.2). We can see the display window always need larger glass to creates the opportunity for catch our attention. There are many shops been taken by pan shot but each shop have their own style to display their product and advertisement but the outside still keeps the same. Because it will look horrible if the ground floor has a totally different style to the floor which above.
As an architecture, we need to learn to keep the balance between design and function of the buildings.


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Wen Li


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