You said:
H. Nemesis Nyx

Ahah my dude would get all sort of funny ideas reading that so pinky swear no showing this to our dudes.

Buddha didn’t preach Buddhism any more than Jesus preached Christianity. Both tried to show people a better way to be human. To create an environment where people accept and are accepted regardless of any circumstance other than being Human. And they weren’t blue eyed blonde people and neither were their followers. They were Asian, middle eastern, African. They brought a whole multitude of people together because they talked about equality and love and compassion. All sorts of people flocked to them to learn and empower themselves. Learn to empower others and free them from shackles that bound them – physical and mental. They did it thousands of years ago. No news outlets to spread the word. No Twitter no medium either. Just people talking to people, listening and acting with an open heart and open mind.

I came here to work on my fiction. I spent too many years writing academic papers, coming up with hypotheses and collecting data, backing them up or thrashing them to oblivion. I didn’t plan on getting involved in any more of that. I vowed not to. But fuck, it’s hard when I read the likes of you, a Cyborg, and others to sit on the sidelines like a coward and let other people fight the fights. I’m not a bystander. Or innocent. Sometimes I get so freaking angry I forget to be articulate and I just want to punch the keyboard to show my discontentment at the human race.

Enter personal rant:

Animals are people too. They deserve respect and kindness. And stop fucking killing bees. Y’all haters who don’t believe in climate change, you won’t survive without bees. Y’all haters who kill for fun, you’ll be as extinct as the animals you drive to extinction sooner than you think.

Sorry for the hijack.

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