The Still Sadness of Acceptance

She came with the summer rain, when the earth was dry and infertile. Her bare feet walked the path that lead to the house with the two cypresses, at a steady, firm pace. There was nothing else in sight, only a vast desert devoid of humanity and life. Her soaked dress clung to her skin revealing a woman’s body underneath the otherwise apparent juvenile look. She held her shoes in her hand as well as a very small leather bag that held her scarce material belongings.

As she got closer, the clouds grew darker turning a summer afternoon into a winter night. She could barely see now, if it were not for the soft light that came from one of the windows guiding her as a lighthouse would, steering her from shipwreck.

She went up the three steps that lead to the porch while carefully removing the wet hair revealing her face. She approached the door intending to knock but it opened before she could. He had been watching her come closer. Now he could take a close look at her. The ochre of her hair was the same shade as the dust that blew in the wind just before her tiny figure appeared in the horizon. Her skin glowed with raindrops that formed minuscule rainbows in her almost bare chest. He bade her enter the shabby but clean kitchen. He gently closed the door and stood behind her as she walked into the room. She placed her bag and shoes on the floor and turned towards him. ‘Thank you.’ she mumbled. He nodded and invited her to sit as he got a mug from a cabinet. He poured in some coffee and offered it to her. ‘You must be cold.’ he said. Then, he sat facing her from across the table.

To his eyes, she looked as beautiful as the storm that was forming outside. To his soul, she was more refreshing than the rain that would make his land fertile for crops again. She stared at him, with her lynx eyes, fidgeting with the mug without making a sound. He sat immobile, his breath taken by the raw nature he saw within her. He could feel her sweetish scent and her fear of being trapped, like a wild animal would. Suddenly, she smiled at him, and he knew, that very moment, how he was lost to her forever. His life would never be the same again. Her smile opened as she read his face. As the hours went by, they remained still, gazing deep into each other’s eyes, learning everything there was to learn about one another. He wanted to ask her to be part of him, to grow with him, to be one with him. He had few words to offer to her, and she had too many choked in her throat, the scream that would never be released. She knew it could never be.

As dawn broke, the storm had long been gone. It was time, for her too, to move on. She takes one last glance at him before leaving. They share a lifetime in a heartbeat. And all that remained was the still sadness of acceptance.

Thank you Tremaine L. Loadholt. The one line came to life and evolved into a whole thing of its own accord.