A Plea from Canada: Please — Vote Hillary!

To Our Neighbours, just South of Me.

This is a plea. A plea from a person watching your elections and in fear. Deep, real fear of what’s to come if that puffed up buffoon named Trump gets in office. Fear for your country, and fear, as your direct and attached neighbour, for ours.

I know you love Bernie Sanders. I do too. I was cheering him on. If there was an equivalent of a rain dance, only for Bernie, I would have done it. I might have done one anyway, but hey, I’m not admitting to it.

Your system, like every other political system (including ours), is rigged. Not wholly rigged, but yeah, a bit bent and a bit broken.. and Bernie was not going to be allowed to happen. Instead, you have a slightly corrupt, morally ambiguous woman at the helm.

But here’s the thing: VOTE FOR HER ANYWAY. Yeah, she’s not ideal. She is not Bernie. I get that. She’s not up for “Bestie of the Year” for me either. Bernie may have been the only politician who did not seem corrupt, but I’m sure he knows the game. And I don’t know of any single politician, great and small, who wasn’t, in some way, morally or physically corrupted by the office they hold. Even Kennedy, whom is lauded and held up as example of a great leader (to many), had his own level of corruption.

So Hillary is not exempt from corruption. But she’s NOT TRUMP. And that should, in all ways, be the focus. In this election, vote SMART, even if voting smart means NOT voting with your conscience. I know, that sounds empty — but hey, Canadians have had to do it also. I didn’t think Justin Trudeau was (or is) beyond corruption or the perfect leader for Canada, but he was far and away a better choice than Stephen Harper. Many people voted simply to get rid of what was obviously, horribly, BAD for Canada.

And Hillary, is kinda the same. She hasn’t earned a lot of trust and yeah, she’s questionable on her VP pick and her recent hire… (seriously, why Hillary?), but she’s not the racist, xenophobic, sociopathic asshat that is Trump. How many people in how many ways have to list off Trump’s financial failures, racism, sexism and blatant Narcissism before people actually GET it? The man is Dangerous.

Dangerous, and Vile.

This is that point in history when people must stand united.. even if being united means not everyone agrees on absolutely everything together, except to agree on the ONE thing they stand against… and that, is Trump. Please, for the love of any kind of God, and for the love of anything that may resemble holiness: vote for Clinton, and unite under one banner — even if that banner has ragged edges and is stained with a bit of shit — to stop the banner that isn’t just stained and ragged, but could, with it’s power, truly destroy any greatness it claims to want to restore. Think of the world, the world that is watching on the edge of their seats, hoping, praying you do the wise thing.

Please, Americans…do the wise thing. Look beyond your ideals and the zealotry and rise above it. Unite. Be better than Trump expects. True greatness does not lie with millions of squabbling people, divided each in their own camps and causes — but with uniting and agreeing to set aside differences to do something important, and real.

Do not let Trump’s “Divide and Conquer” win the day.

The world is a scary place these days. Please, make it a little less scary, and boot Trump out of the picture. You have that power, for the world, you have that power to let us all, breathe much, much easier.

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