1. These Days – Nico

I came across this track back when I watched Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums. The soft guitar intro is absolutely wonderful and is made even better by the inclusion of strings (which apparently Nico did not like herself). The whole song has a weary tone of melancholy that Nico’s vocals project very well.

2. Tilted – Christine and The Queens

Tilted has this very minimalist feel about it. I must admit I am not usually a fan of French vocals but this is a big exception. Tilted is a very relaxed synth-pop track.

3. Something – Julien Baker

Probably one of the most beautiful songs on this playlist. Some wonderful reverb on the guitar mixed with Baker’s high pitched vocals.

4. So Unware – Best Coast

I’ve really gotten into Best Coast this year and I could very easily have made a playlist featuring only them. I absolutely love the vocals during the second verse.

5. Afro Blues (feat Erykah Badu) – Robert Glasper Experiment

It’s impossible to be stressed when listening to this. Everything about it drifts over you and it’s brilliant. Badu’s hazy vocals really suit Glasper’s sound.

6. How Will I Know – Whitney Houston

Perhaps not the coolest choice that will ever grace this playlist but it is undeniably catchy. There are probably better vocal performances from Houston but the typical 80s synth sound and the saxophone solo make this such a fun listen. It is impossible not to dance when this comes on and I have some fond memories of listening to it.

7. My Baby Just Cares for Me – Nina Simone

I couldn’t not include Nina. That piano is so simple yet so memorable. The way it gradually builds up is wonderful. I would have loved to have seen this live.

8. Thursday – Asobi Seksu

Asobi Seksu were a great shoegaze band. I fully recommended checking out their album ‘Citrus’. This track is a great demonstration when everyone instrument comes together and sound fantastic. The harmonies towards the end are also worth their weight in gold.

9. Gigantic – Pixies

Try telling me you don’t want to pick up a bass after hearing the intro to this track. I love this song because of the lyrics. They paint such a clear picture in my head which a lot of lyricists fall short at.

10. Wake Up Shake Up – Blair

This song accompanied me throughout university so I have a lot of memories attached to it. It’s far from a classic but that’s not why we listen to music. I think the bridge is the best part of this song. Turns it into something quite powerful.