Moleskine Mycloud

Recently Moleskine has released a new brand ‘Mycloud.’ It’s basically just a horrible looking assortment of tech bags. They’re nothing special, they have a few bland colors to choose from and aren’t unique in anyway.

Mycloud Bag

Their Mycloud prices range between $19o-$270 which is a hell of a lot for an everyday use tech bag. Sure you might say Moleskine is a fairly ‘high end’ brand but the thing is that their products are only double or triple the price of something with the same quality is because it simply says ‘Moleskine’ on the front of the product. For examply the ‘Evernote Abrasus Triangle Commuter’ is a beautiful tech bag that looks unique, the price is fairly good and the organization is very solid, and the price? Only $150, that’s almost half the price of a Mycloud Moleskine tech bag. My thinking of the Mycloud DO NOT BUY!

The Evernote Tech bag

Moleskine Mycloud brand:

Organization: 3/10

Price: 3/10

Design: 4/10

Uniqueness: 2/10

Practicality: 3/10

Overall: 15/50

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