Largest Factory Plant of Crude Coconut Oil

Surabaya, 05 October, 2016 — Sari Mas Permai is one of the most important Crude Coconut Oil manufacturer globally. With distribution centers in all over the world, it is the best business associate if your products need crude coconut oil.

Coconut Oil has a variety of applications, and from the moment when people could produce oil from the coconut fruit, the applications have increased in number. Today, coconut oil is used in food, cosmetics, health products, industrial market, and even as herbicides. There isn’t enough space here to tell you about all the applications of coconut oil. But, for each of this applications, you need either crude coconut oil, or a mixture of coconut oil with other ingredients like BIB Coconut Oil or RBD Coconut Oil.

Sari Mas Permai is a Coconut Oil Indonesia Manufacturer. It produces one of the highest quality coconut oil in the world. They offer a wide variety of coconut oil products that will meet the requirements of all clients. For example, Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate is the by product that is obtained by the refining process of crude coconut oil, it has a reddish color and is primarily used in the soap industry. The RBD Coconut oil is a yellow liquid that changes into semi solid material at the room temperature, it is used in food industry, preparing cooking oil and oleo chemical industries. There are other coconut oil raw materials that are refined, distillated, deodorized or even bleached. For every product, there are different applications and benefits. For example, some are easier to store at the room temperature and will not get spoiled over time, while others are easier to transport because they are denser and will occupy less space.

Sari Mas Permai is the company to go if you are looking to buy high quality crude coconut oil, as you will not find anywhere a company that offers the same range or products at these prices.

About Sari Mas Permai:
 Sari Mas Permai started to produce Healthy Coconut Oil in 1978 in a manufacture plant in Indonesia. With only ten people, they were producing 5 tons of crude coconut oil per day, but the business has increased enormously over the years. Today they have distribution centers all over the world, on almost all continents. In over 33 years of experience they have modernized their factory plant and have business partners worldwide. You will not make a mistake if you make a partnership with Sari Mas Permai.


Company: Sari Mas Permai

Address: Jalan Waru Gunung №23, Surabaya, East Java 60221, Indonesia


Phone: +62 31–766 2434, +62 31–766 6662


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