Disregard, this is merely a distraction

We have a little problem in our hands that needs solving —distracting smartphones. As semi-cyborgs, there comes a time when we need to loosen the chains to our dopamine machines and come back to real life. Here’s how I reduced distractions (and social media usage) on my phone.

The key…

TL;DR (that’s way too long, I’m not reading that):

Decided I wanted to make a post go viral. It came down to 3 things — good f’ing content, how you get it out to people and a sprinkle of luck. So I used these steps to improve my chances. It worked, they might work for you too:

  1. Write multiple…

OS1 rendition of artificial intelligence from Her

Artificial Intelligence and the fourth industrial revolution has made some considerable progress over the last couple of years. Most of this current progress that is usable has been developed for industry and business purposes, as you’ll see in coming posts. Research institutes and dedicated, specialised companies are working toward the…

Liam Hänel

CEO & co-founder at Nul (nul.to) + read my blog at liamiscool.com (I’m not that cool)

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