Initiating the Third Year

Documentation and process.

They play key roles in a project’s success. Moving forward into my final year, it has always been encouraged from the start to keep documenting your process, despite how irrelevant it may be at that point in time.

The more detailed the documentation, so I’ve found, the more you have to work with and the more elaborate your presentation of process can become. During the last two years, process was a weak point of mine. I’d find myself attempting to skip meticulous development of ideas and instead, move straight onto the finalisation of a shallow idea. Realising the disadvantages of this towards the end of my second year, it’s a mistake that I’ve learnt from and a habit that I won’t permit myself to carry into my final year.

Hence, the start of this blog.

Throughout the summer, in hopes to narrow down a broad range of topics into a single one for my dissertation and final project, I’ll be documenting particular points of interest relevant to design.