But the left does not want to hear it.
The problem with Flynn is not that he talked to Russia before he was sworn in, other did it also…
lord baal

“But the Neo-Liberal Democratic Establishment CENTER does not want to hear it.”

I fixed it for you.

The actual Left is not supportive of Russiagate. Caitlin is part of the actual Left. So are Greenwald, ConsortiumNews, Counterpunch, and Hedges- who all are pointing out the Emperor is wearing no clothes.

If anyone on the Left supported Clinton, like Chomsky, it was very much a lesser evil, put a clothes pin on my nose as I vote, type thing. Being for abortion rights and LGBT rights and inclusion of People of Color in elected office and among the top 10% professional class does not necessarily make one part of the Left. It could just mean one is part of the CENTER.