Forward Skylyn “Skillz” West takes on two EWU Banshee opponents in the last game of the season on April 30.

The 2016 Sisters of Mercy

We love our sisters and we love rugby. In that order. Here’s a recap of a season of tries, tackles and tough love.

Colleen “Staples” O’Hara blows off a weak grab from a University of Idaho opponent on Mulligan Field.
Laura “Udderz” Smale stiffarms an Eastern Washington University back at the annual Betterbash tournament in Missoula, Montana.
Megan “Sparta” Lantsberger makes an unstoppable advance up the field despite resistance from the University of Idaho on Saturday, April 9.
The team lines up to tackle Coach Sarah “Utah” Harmon before every game as a method of getting pumped up. It is one of many traditions of the Sisters of Mercy.
Gonzaga fullback Lexie “Smoky” Del Rosario surges forward amonst a sea of Eastern Washington University players in a match on April 30.
Coach Sarah “Utah” Harmon triumphantly walks off the pitch after watching kicker Laura “Udderz” Smale scores a conversion point following a try against Spokane Women’s. Spokane Women’s won the game In the last minute of the match after a debatable play on the try line, and eventually the 2016 Betterbash tournament.
(Left to right) Laura “Fitz” Fitzgerald, Laura “Udderz” Smale, and Nicole Ratto ruck hard against the University of Idaho on a home game at Mulligan Field on April 9.
Colleen “Staples” O’Hara reflects on the injury that caused her head to split open a mere few minutes earlier in a match against Spokane Women’s. O’Hara was taken to the hospital by another teammate where her head repaired with staples, effectively earning the nickname that would stick after three years on the team.
Fly-half Nicole Ratto sports the face of intensity as she looks to pass to Sydney Stuckey on the try line. Stuckey succeeded and helped the Zags earn a hard-fought 24–16 win over Eastern Washington University. Gonzaga placed second overall.
Team captain Libby “Oregon” Nielsen wins a lineout for Gonzaga in the noontime match at the 2016 Betterbash tournament in Missoula, Montana. A lineout consists of two forwards on the ground who lift a third forward into the air, where the ball is thrown in from out of bounds.
Kendall “Krush” Clark plows through a tight tackle from an EWU Banshee on April 30.
Emily “Specs” Courchaine wraps an opponent on Mulligan Field on April 9. This was Gonzaga’s second of two wins against the University of Idaho Vandals in the spring season.
Colleen “Staples” O’Hara pulls away from the last grasp of a Betterside back, ending the play with a 65 yard try.
University of Idaho’s scrumhalf puts the ball in play in a scrum on Mulligan Field on April 9.
Team Captain Libby “Oregon” Nielsen looks to her out=of=frame support after Betterside opponents barricade her way down the field. Nielsen was key in completing tries that put points on the board against Betterside.
A Betterside player makes an unsuccessful attempt to stop a Gonzaga try in the first game of the 2016 Betterbash tournament on Saturday, April 16.
Kenna Culbertson, a Spokane Women’s back, surges up the sideline despite a Gonzaga player’s best efforts.
Megan “Sparta” Lantsberger demonstrates her nickname against a pack of five Vandal opponents.
The team gathers for a cheer on the pitch.
The toughest part about tearing my ACL was not being able to be on the field with my sisters this season, but it was a little easier knowing that I could still contribute even if it was just as a photographer. There is more heart, loyalty and love on this team than any team I could ever be a part of.
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