Bill Shorten’s lies have been exposed

Independent experts have called out Labor’s scare campaign for what it really is.

Here’s the truth in their words, not ours:


Labor’s Lie: “We are in danger of losing our apprenticeship system in Australia. There is a crisis.” Bill Shorten, 14 June 2016

Truth: “I believe Bill Shorten would be wrong. There’s a degree of fear-mongering the Opposition Leader is putting out there that doesn’t necessarily align with the reality.” Nick Behrens, General Manager Advocacy, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland


Labor’s Lie: “Under the Liberals, many students will be priced out of university.” Labor’s policy booklet, released 23 June 2016

Truth: “I can say without doubt that this won’t be the case under a Coalition government…it’s definitely scare mongering.” Andrew Norton, Higher Education Program Director, Grattan Institute


Labor’s Lie: “The Liberals have never liked Medicare and they want to tear it down (and) replace it with a system where profits come before patients.” Bill Shorten, 19 June 2016

Truth: “I see no evidence of that at all. A move to outsource the outdated Medicare payment system in no way should be construed as an effort to privatise Medicare.” Michael Gannon, President of the Australian Medical Association


Labor’s Lie: “People’s standard of living has fallen (and) the credit agencies are doubting the ability of Australia to keep its AAA credit rating.” Bill Shorten, 3 June 2016

Truth: “It is more likely the AAA rating would be at risk under Labor because they have said they would run greater deficits over the next four years.” Saul Eslake, leading economist

Truth: “There is no doubt Labor are running a scare campaign on business and Medicare. How can people say I want to improve the AAA credit rating but have higher deficits?” Jennifer Westacott, CEO of the Business Council of Australia

Bill Shorten has made it clear that he cannot be trusted. He will do anything to get into power, and won’t let the truth stand in his way.

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