Delivering a strong plan for South Australia

We have a strong plan to support the people, families and communities of South Australia and ensure that its 1.7 million residents can enjoy the benefits of our new and growing economy.

South Australia already has enormous competitive advantages, including world class universities, a substantial industry base with great capacity to innovate, an abundance of mineral and energy resources, rich agricultural lands, some of the finest food and wine in the world, and a capital city bursting with vibrancy.

More than 15,000 new jobs have been created in South Australia since the Coalition came to Government, with more than 7,000 jobs created just this year. And the state will continue to grow as the nation’s centre of advanced manufacturing, including naval shipbuilding.

Jobs and growth, tackling long term unemployment, focusing on the growth and opportunities for our young people right across the board — that’s our commitment, that’s our economic plan.” — Malcolm Turnbull, (Federal Campaign Rally, Adelaide, 6/6/16)

Defence Industry Plan, Jobs & Infrastructure

We are delivering 1,100 direct submarine building jobs in Adelaide and a further 2,000 direct shipbuilding jobs as a result of the Future Frigates program. Furthermore, 1,300 South Australian jobs will be created during the construction of the North-South Road Corridor upgrade and up to 11,000 jobs through the National Disability and Insurance Scheme, injecting about $1.4 billion into the local economy each year.

We are also committed to infrastructure upgrades of the wharf at Osborne. Currently it is not capable of having more than one ship alongside and we need to address this if we are to achieve the continuous ship build we need. If re-elected, from July 2, we will ensure that this critical work is underway immediately.

We are also investing in the Flinders link. This is not just a transport project, it will link Tonsley Innovation Park and the Flinders Medical and University Precinct, generating almost 2,000 jobs and over $800m in additional investment.

The Coalition is also backing South Australian steel. We have brought forward a project to upgrade 1,200 kilometres of rail line between Adelaide and Tarcoola, worth $80 million to Arrium’s Whyalla plant. We have also committed to using Australian steel in our naval vessels and through the Northern Connector build, some 6,500 tonnes of reinforcing steel and 1,000 tonnes of structural steel will be required from the Whyalla plant.

Small and Medium Businesses

We will establish the Centre for Defence Industry Capability based in Adelaide. It will help small to medium enterprises identify the opportunities to join the supply chains required to deliver on the wider ship building projects, with an investment of $230 million to make it happen.

One local example among many is PMB Defence, an Australian-owned company that has about 60 employees at Osborne shipyards which has worked on the main storage battery for the Collins Class submarine. In the last 12 months alone, PMB Defence have created 10 new jobs to work on battery technology and an innovative stealth mast for the submarines.

Then there’s Levett Engineering, an advanced manufacturing, small, medium business located north of Adelaide and part of the global supply chain for the Joint Strike Fighter F-32 program. Levett’s technology is now in demand globally and the company expects to grow its workforce by 50% over the next three years.

Next year, under our economic plan, the South Australian economy will be around $102 billion, or $1.8 billion bigger than it is today. Around 41,000 small to medium family owned businesses, with turnover of less than $10 million, will be benefiting from our enterprise tax cuts. These businesses employ around 220,000 South Australians and our plan provides incentives for them to grow, invest and generate more jobs.


The South Australian Government estimates that exports support more than 65,000 local jobs and deliver over $14 billion to the state’s economy.

South Australia is performing well in the area of trade, with exports up 11% over the last year. By 2019, under our export trade agreements, a further 100 South Australian small businesses will be exporting, building on the 800 small South Australian companies already competing successfully on global markets.

The Coalition will also support the Australian Grape and Wine Authority headquartered in Adelaide with a $50 million investment to promote Australian wine overseas and wine tourism within Australia.

Enterprise Scholarships

We will provide 1,200 new South Australian enterprise scholarships, valued up to $20,000 each. It is intended that the scholarships will be matched by employers offering internships that bring real world experience to their studies and provide links to real jobs after studies are completed.


We understand more needs to be done to tackle youth unemployment. A re-elected Turnbull Coalition Government will provide $750,000 to Show Your Colours (SYC) for a pilot job placement coaching scheme to help young unemployed South Australians get, and stay in, a job. SYC, a South Australian not-for-profit organisation, will partner with Queensland University of Technology and the Australian Centre for Social Innovation to deliver the Sticking Together Project.

The Sticking Together Project pilot will provide coaches to mentor and support young unemployed people, and support for their employers, over the first 14 months of the job.

Small business is also crucial to our $750m PaTH package which we anticipate will help at least 10,000 young South Australians into work by 2019.

Finally, as part of our efforts to boost science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills development for South Australian students, the Coalition will create a Pathways in Technology (P-TECH) pilot at St Patrick’s Technical College in Edinburgh North.

View our full plan for South Australia here.

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