People smugglers are testing our resolve

But the Coalition will never let them get back in business.

This week we’ve learned that several vessels have tried to reach Australia by boat to capitalise on the uncertainty around the election.

Our policies have been successful and we are turning the boats around. But Labor wants to undo the plan that’s working and that will create an incentive for people smugglers to come to Australia.

We’ll continue to turn the boats around

The Government announced this week that another people smuggling boat has been turned back, taking the total number of turnbacks to 28 boats and 734 people.

Other vessels have also tried to make it to Australia but our policy position is clear — we simply will not accept illegal boat arrivals and our record speaks for itself.

There has not been a single people smuggling vessel arrive for more than 660 days.

In July 2013 under Labor there were 1,992 children in detention. There are currently no children in detention as a result of our policies.

We have put the people smugglers out of business, and we will keep them out of business.

Labor will open our borders

The Labor Party has announced that they are going to abolish Temporary Protection Visas. This will mean that the 30,000 asylum seekers who came by boat under the Labor Government, who are in Australia, will get permanent residence.

They are essentially saying to people smugglers that anyone who manages to get to Australia on a boat will be able to stay here permanently under a Labor Government. And the people smugglers know it.

In the six years of Labor, over 50,000 people arrived by boat with at least 1,200 people losing their lives at sea making the treacherous journey to Australia. Of the more than 800 boats that came, not one was turned back by Labor.

Fifty of Bill Shorten’s candidates and MPs have spoken out against strong border protection, including his deputy Tanya Plibersek. He won’t be able to keep their support and lead his party unless he reverses our proven policies.

Bill Shorten says he will turn the boats around, but we’ve heard that one before:

This is what Labor really thinks about border protection.

The Coalition has a clear and effective policy

Our policy is clear. We will not allow the people smugglers to get back in business. We will protect our borders.

Click here to find out more about our plan to protect our borders and sign the petition to keep the plan that’s working.

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