We need to protect our threatened species

That’s why we’re investing in community groups who protect Australia’s unique wildlife.

A new approach

Did you know that Australia has one of the highest rates of species extinction in the world?

That’s why the Coalition has taken a fresh approach to more effectively protect our native flora and fauna. We’ve invested more than $208 million in projects to support and protect Australia’s threatened species since 2014.

Now we’re building on our investment by providing an additional $5 million to create a Threatened Species Recovery Fund to support community-led projects to protect native species. You can find out more about some of the groups we’re supporting and see our plan here.

Progress is already being made

Our investments are already achieving results for threatened species in Australia. This includes supporting over 116 projects to protect threatened species such as bilbies, cassowaries and the world’s rarest marsupial, Gilbert’s potoroo.

As part of our Threatened Species Strategy, these projects have focused on measures to create safe havens for at-risk species, improve their habitats and intervene in emergencies to avoid extinctions.

Projects are also focusing on eliminating feral cats, which are the biggest threat to native species. Culling feral cats will have enormous positive impacts on endangered species and we are well on our way towards achieving our target of removing two million feral cats from local habitats by 2020.

Further support for the tourism industry

Protecting the populations and habitats of our unique threatened species is as important for local environments as it is for our tourism industry.

Millions of people visit Australia each year to enjoy our native flora and fauna, injecting billions of dollars into the economy and employing tens of thousands of Australians.

Our plan to protect threatened species will support local wildlife populations and habitats while giving visitors to our country the opportunity to see and experience our wonderful and diverse natural environment.

Click here to find out more about other ways we’re helping grow our tourism industry.

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