We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with volunteer firefighters

“As long as I live, I will never forget inspecting the devastation of the black Saturday fires. Your heroism was the best of Australia. 19,000 of you, in that extraordinary time of horror, stood between Victorians and the inferno. You are the very best of us, we will back you to the hilt.”
 — Malcolm Turnbull (Speech to CFA Rally, Melbourne, 05/06/16)

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull joined in solidarity with hundreds of members of the Country Fire Authority (CFA) in Melbourne yesterday. They were protesting ahead of potential damaging changes backed by Labor Premier Daniel Andrews to allow a union takeover of the CFA.

Speaking on the proposed changes Mr Turnbull said “the idea that you would be overruled, subordinated to the United Firefighters Union (UFU) is incredible.”

Turnbull was also joined at the rally by Employment Minister Michaelia Cash and talked up the recent action taken by the Government to stop the Transport Union putting 50,000 owner drivers out of work.

“If we are returned to Government on the 2nd of July, we will ensure the law is changed is protect you from this takeover, we will do it, we will stand with you, we will stand with every one of you and the great values you embody.” 
 — Malcolm Turnbull (Speech to CFA Rally, Melbourne, 05/06/16)

Mr Turnbull has also written to Premier Andrews to raise grave concerns that the proposed agreement will seriously undermine the operation of the CFA and in so doing jeopardise the safety of Victorians and their families. He was also particularly concerned to hear that thousands of volunteers will resign if this is implemented.

“I urge you to heed their views and experience, and withdraw your support for this proposed agreement that effectively grants a union a privileged position over the volunteers who risk their health and lives in the defence of their fellow Victorians and Australians.”
 — Malcolm Turnbull (Speech to CFA Rally, Melbourne, 05/06/16)
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