A Fable of Man’s Love

I am not trying to prove to be a feminist (although every women is at some level, we have to be!), neither I have always faced deceit in love. However, according to me Man’s love is actually a fantasy, which women mostly dream of to be real but is mostly a hoax. Not judging any man out there, but basis on a true story and series of incidences.

We all have grown up reading and listening to fairy tales of princesses yearning to meet there prince who eventually comes and completes ‘her’ life — ‘ The Princess met her Prince and they lived happily ever after’. Be it Cindrella, Repunzel, Snow White, Ariel and you name it. Has anyone read ‘The Snow Queen’ or the ‘The Frog Prince’, I am sure most of you haven’t. Young girls and boys are meant to believe that men complete women’s life, hence giving them a superior notion! This factor is rooted since the beginning and we are putting our energies to educate on women empowerment among the grown ups when this should be inculcated early.

A plain question to all the ladies who are single. Ever heard this before? — “Why are you still single? You cannot have such strict filters and you are so selective.. this way you would not get anyone I am telling you”. I am sure you have, and I also have a zillion times. A man can be caring lover yet would not have the courage to hold your hand in public. A man can spend money on you yet not have the courage to take you to his parents. A man may have a friends with benefit relation and yet not have the courage to accept he has started falling for you, instead he will prefer to cut you out and move on as if nothing happened. These are all different men different stories that have happened with me and couple of women I know. Hence, it is mostly a hoax! which women believe to be true and end up facing reality the hard way. A straight and simple rule is — Love a Man who respects you AND your passion. That’s it! Being on your own is much much better than being with a wrong person.

A Man in love is submissive and a Woman in love is strong. We love being in love, but ‘Love’ has actually lost its meaning somewhere from these fairy tales to our cinema today. In a nutshell, IT IS important for both Men and Women understand that there is no boundary of ego or fear in love, but never ever let your self respect question you because of that other person! Love completes you, not a Man or a Women.

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