Something-less Celebrations

The Supreme Court of India has banned selling firecrackers in Delhi-NCR till 1st November. The rationale behind this ban is that of pollution. We are told by many who support this ban that it is good for the environment not to burst firecrackers. And in the interest of greater good, this ban is very important.

I believe that instead of a blanket ban on all firecrackers, there has to be some scanning. Firecrackers that produce noise higher than certain decibel shouldn't be allowed. Firecrackers that produce certain amount of smoke should not be allowed. This kind of scrutiny has to be there instead of banning all firecrackers. Secondly, why should the ban be limited to a certain festival? Why not throughout the year? In nutshell, there has to be a scrutinized ban throughout the year.

Having made my stance clear, I would like to elaborate few points on our facists who are the champions of the 'liberal’ values. Many politicians, film stars, leaders have come forward in support of the ban. These people support this ban because they value the lives of animals and environment. Their love for the environment and animals is spilled on certain occasions: water-less holi, firecrackers-less diwali, kite-less uttarayan etc. Do all these something-less celebrations help animals and environment? May be. But selectively invoking these concerns is a problem.

An industry with the highest amount of carbon footprints is meat industry. Has any facist spoken in favour of meat ban? In the matter of meat, they happily argue that the government should not dictate the citizens what to eat and what not to eat. Is it okay for the government to dictate how to celebrate certain festivals? Till now, not a single 'liberal’ 'intelligent' has come up with a robust logic about why it is ok to ban firecrackers and why it is not ok to ban meat. Those who show that they care about animals are sometimes expressing their joy while eating non-veg food. Can you be more hypocrite?

Some people have explained the right of a certain group to slaughter animals because their religion sanctions the killing. So is it ok to practice environment-harming activity if it is sanctioned by religion? I almost certainly believe that the so called 'intelligent’people don’t think that it is ok to kill animals just because your religion says so. The problem with these people is that they don’t have guts to express their views when those views are contrary to Semitic religions' beliefs and practices.

So these fascists will support banning when it suits their agenda and oppose banning when it doesn’t support their views.