To Be or Not To Be…

There are two people. Both are in the same profession. The profession is respected socially. People come to seek their advice.

Person A is a person who seems to be an extrovert. He makes social connections quickly even though he is not so good at the method. His lack of elegance of social etiquette is compensated by his position/post in the profession. Though he is not naïve, I find it very hard to call him smart or intelligent. Most of the time, he is surrounded by people who are intellectually inferior to him. He is over confident about his knowledge and this has sometimes put him in embarrassing situations in the presence of intelligent people. But most of the time, he gets away with his foolishness and shallow thinking. And as I have mentioned earlier, he is popular and considered intelligent by those who surround him.

Now, let’s come to person B. He is intelligent and smart. But he is an introvert. Professionally, he is at the same level as person A. But people consider him at the lower level because of their ignorance of hierarchy. Because he is introvert, he can not make social connections as easily as person A. Although theoretically, he knows more about interpersonal skills than person A. Person A manipulates people with his words and position and make them do what they don’t want to do. Person B respects other people’s freedom of choice and actions.

These are two situations. Person A is manipulative so he may get things done, but people who are working closely with him or under him are not happy with him. Person B is straightforward, so sometimes he is unable to reach the goal but people who work with him are happy with his honesty. Person A is popular because he knows how to charm other people. Person B does not know anything about seducing, so he is not so popular. Person B loves to be popular. So in spite of despising the characteristics of person A, should person B adopt those characteristics to be popular? Or he should be just who he is.