Elimination of ferocious fighting the Axis

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Game scenes in full 3D three-dimensional representation, it’s restored fly screen, allowing the player to experience a realistic visual effects. Common simulation small screen, showing the details of the game, making the game more interesting. Chinese Communist Party set up 21 game levels and other players to challenge, for players to fly as many as 20 kinds of selection, allowing the player to experience a high degree of freedom.

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Liberators to World War II, the Pacific stage background for the game, the players to show the Pacific, tragic war scenes, through real experience of war to control the aircraft.

Oberon Games launched a classic flight shooting game “Heroes of the Pacific,” the sequel Liberators. The player into the game again shocking the Pacific theater of World War II. In the game you will control the aircraft in flight between the infinite sky, and ferocious fighting the Axis powers into the real hero fly!

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2 Off: This is none of your manipulation machine gun, is relatively simple.

Victory conditions: the elimination of all enemy aircraft.

Failure conditions: gunboat destroyed (almost impossible)

The clearance is the use of heavy machine gun ships, two aircraft and has a total of 12. The beginning of the first 2 revolutions open a few feeling less rush rotational speed and suddenly bullets fly line, the upper right corner is the machine gun blood. Well, first a blood enemy now presents! Attack! The machine gun but did not take the initiative aimed to .. honestly one a sight of it, trust must have patience not good brothers and turn that is not beat the enemy, and my heart Jia ~ ~ haha ​​stomp your feet breath sustained it. Remember to aim the front of the plane a little on the line, the elimination of all 12 enemy clearance.

Experience: grasp the machine gun bullets fly arc can easily eliminate all enemy clearance.

How to play Liberators

Numeric keys 123 are controlled missiles, torpedoes, bombs. Right-click launch. If the picture is solid, it can be used to clarify, clarify hollow been used up. And 14 in addition to several other off and blow up the other boat off tasks, which are of no use. The aircraft fly too fast, missile fundamental beat.