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Saviors is set in World War II real-time strategy game for the genre and the next generation of the essence of the development of engine used Mutant Box Company, and contacted the physics engine skill Havok so that the game screen reflects very amazing, regardless of the difficult war scenes, vivid lighting effects and characters and weapons delicate 3D modules, a variety of fire blasting smoke effects, so liberators at first sight to see people’s faces lit.

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In the Liberators of the history of the game, all of the liberators is the European battlefield during the Second World War to the pin, as single players can connect in early 1944, of Normandy, players in the game to conduct a combat support company commander, it is necessary to move all the way north of Normandy began, with strong Nazi German open battle, and the game is combat mission all really connected the war, all the liberators reflect a more lucrative stake.

Other liberators because of the use of physics Havok, so the game each combat units are not only more vivid dynamics, as well as all buildings, even in the game scenes are able to corrupt, so players do not think that only combat units will not escape from the rear of the building was damaged, since the building has been invaded also be damaged, so the players need strategic planning of the squad most appropriate, and in accordance with prevailing terrain feature at any time to adjust the strategy, but otherwise it will be disastrous ….

In the computer AI aspects of the game, Liberators computer AI is also very intelligent, when the players issued a combat command, the computer will follow the player and adapt education and the fight against the strategy, as well as the Computer AI will protect each other in small groups invade defense method enemy, which is rare feat in the current set of real-time strategy. Besides the single form, liberators are also helping in the multiplayer mode 2 to 8 people LAN in.

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