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The following piece was written By Vinod Vijay

It’s not every day that you get to be a part of a major technological revolution, so if you’re reading this - Kudos, you’re very early. Humanity’s next significant technological development is almost ready to surface. Anyone familiar with Web3 knows that it represents the future direction the internet will take.

Web3 will be at the center of the technological revolution that the internet and our society will experience over the next ten years. Web3 is poised to usher in a more innovative, decentralized future of the internet, revolutionising everything from social networks to finance to gaming to how we interact with technology and the outside world. You’ve come to the right site if you’re wondering how to invest in Web3 at an early stage.

Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast, an investor, or just a curious passerby, you won’t regret learning about Web3 and how to take advantage of it.

Investing in Web3

Being a Web3 early adopter or investor is similar to having the opportunity to purchase a piece of the internet in the 1990s. But how specifically do you capitalize on this investment opportunity in web3? Thank goodness, investing is now more straightforward than it has ever been. Early exposure to a variety of the top Web3 investments is now achievable with the help of highly accessible, community-led VC investment protocols like Libertas Finance.

The phenomena of cryptocurrency, DAOs, Metaverse, and NFTs are not going away anytime soon, and they all fit under the Web3 category. Given everything, Web3 will probably be one of the most lucrative and rewarding paths for those looking to profit from being early to one of the most significant technological revolutions in history. For this reason, initiatives like Libertas Finance, the first Web3 community investment protocol, should be on your radar.

Why Libertas Finance?

Libertas Finance offers investors the chance to own a portion of a diverse Web3 portfolio overseen by a core group of VCs and Web3 specialists. Based on their knowledge and capacity to choose well among early Web3 jewels that are either yet to be launched or are significantly discounted, the Libertas community elects these experts.

In essence, the Libertas fund/investment vehicle, also known as an SPV (special purpose vehicle), is a diversified fund spread over the most promising initiatives from DeFi, Metaverse, NFTs, and other web3 protocols. It’s a risk-free approach to gaining exposure to Web3 without taking up the enormous amounts of time and knowledge necessary to conduct due diligence. As an added incentive to a service that is already very alluring, Libertas also employs ground-breaking approach to give its holders passive income through an auto-staking mechanism..

But first, for those who still don’t understand what Web3 is, let’s take a quick look at what it actually is.

Web3: What is it?

The main goal of Web3, which is powered by blockchain technology, is to remove control away from influential businesses and return it to the people. Think about transparency, cooperation, and decentralization.

The goal is to create a human-centred internet powered by AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrency that is safer, fairer, and more transparent. The networks and goods that communities and consumers utilize online are created and owned by them, and there is a level of privacy available that is not present in the current Web2 model.

Web3 is a broad term that encompasses a variety of emerging technologies, including, but not limited to, AI, IoT, blockchain, NFTs, and community-led DAOs (Decentralized autonomous organizations). But perhaps placing Web3 within the framework of Web1 and Web2’s histories can help you better comprehend what makes it so potent.

Evolution of the Web..1…2…3…

Web1: Web1 refers to the early years of the Internet in the 1990s. Although the earlier version of the web was incredibly disorganised and had minimal search capabilities, it was a revolutionary approach to democratising access to information. Web1 was primarily a one-way platform where users could only access and consume material online.

Web2: Beginning in the middle of the 2000s, Web2 witnessed the emergence of platforms like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter, which gave the internet some much-needed structure and usefulness. Web2 significantly increased the amount of content available to its users by emphasizing human and social interaction on the internet.

Web2 was a remarkable stride forward, but without our knowledge, companies like Facebook and Google accumulated vast amounts of power and became our digital overlords. While we owe them a debt of gratitude for the sophisticated user interface and web design we now enjoy, Web2’s success has given rise to several troubling problems.

These include privacy issues, selling user information to advertising, vulnerability to cyberattacks, censorship, and an excessive concentration of power and riches in the hands of a few individuals.

Web3: Although the term “Web3” has been in use for the past 10 years, it has only lately developed into a real-world reality that you can use and are now investing in. In Web3, people, not businesses, are allowed to unite and direct the advancement of technology while also holding a stake in the networks they participate in.

In Web3, no single body is in charge of social networks, search engines, and markets (like Facebook or Google). Instead, DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organizations) are employed to assist communities in achieving a common objective in a novel and unprecedented manner that looks past demographic barriers of age, socioeconomic status, gender, and race.

In essence, Web2 involved people creating things in search of a community; Web3 involved communities creating products while having a stake in the networks and products to which they belong. As a result, web3 apps will be more intelligent, secure, and decentralized.

Even though this is only a brief introduction to Web3, we know that it might be challenging to comprehend the ramifications of any genuinely revolutionary technology innovation completely. Therefore, one of the best ways to understand the significance of Web3 is to look at the practical advantages it has provided and continues to provide to the World.

Advantages of Web3

Data ownership: Users will have full ownership and control over their data. Actual ownership of information and data Our data is currently controlled by organizations like Facebook and Amazon, which freely sell it to advertising for billions of dollars. With Web3, your information is protected and isn’t shared unless you want it to be because of blockchain technology.

Fewer intermediaries: Since customers and providers are connected directly through decentralization, there is no central authority to take a cut of any exchanges or transactions. Because both parties trust the system, blockchain enables transactions between strangers.

Better experience: Made possible by Web3’s encouragement of open-source innovation. Similar to how personalized advertising will advance with the aid of AI and the semantic web, search engines and personal (AI) assistants.

Security: Blockchain distributes data over many nodes, making it highly secure and assuring that no single entity can control or destroy a network. As a result, there is no single point of failure or control.

Better for content creators: Encouraging innovations and creators by putting producers and consumers in direct contact. This makes it much simpler to establish a business or become a producer and make money by genuinely improving people’s lives.

Accessibility: — Throughout the world, countless numbers of individuals lack access to banking and financial services. This is a serious issue that requires attention. Anyone with an internet connection can now use financial services and engage with a blockchain thanks to Web3 and cryptocurrencies. There will be no discrimination against users based on their gender, income, location, or sexual orientation. The billions of unbanked people worldwide will be able to access digital assets and applications since they are accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Fewer service interruptions: Having no single point of failure will make service interruptions less frequent. Everyday consumers will benefit from blockchain’s efficiency and security over antiquated centralized methods of data storage.

Transparency: Open-source software will power online networks and products. The public will have access to all information, which will result in less shady business and more innovation. As communities work together to determine how networks should function, the days of businesses restricting information will also be challenged.

Connectivity: Devices and services will start to be connected in whole new ways as a result of ubiquitous connectivity. Think of the Metaverse, the Internet of Things, and a fully integrated social experience where platforms are all connected in a smarter, more immersive way

And much more — Web3 has a ton of additional advantages, which will become more apparent as the technology develops and becomes more widely used. Understanding the significance of the switch to Web3 is comparable to trying to foresee what the internet would look like in the 1990s. However, huge things are still coming, and we want to allow investors the opportunity to participate in them before anyone else. Introducing Libertas Finance.

Tips for investing in Web3

You may be asking how to invest in Web3 now that you know what it is and why it will be the next major advancement in technology and economics. You’re not alone, after all.

Sadly, most investors find it difficult to obtain diversified exposure to the most promising Web3/crypto projects. To appraise a project, let alone be aware of it before it is introduced and becomes popular, requires a great deal of experience.

Additionally, there is no shortage of brand-new initiatives that make grandiose claims based only on marketing hype. Entry into a new industry is not always straightforward, especially for people who are not seasoned professionals; this is why initiatives like Libertas Finance are altering the rules.

Investing on Web3 with Libertas Finance

Libertas Finance is working to make it easier for investors from all walks of life to invest wisely in the Web3 revolution by creating a sustainable, reliable, and community-driven system.

Libertas Finance aims to invest the community’s total funds in a variety of carefully picked Web3 technologies, including NFTs, Metaverse, DeFi, games and a lot more.

Libertas Finance has its own liquidity and a native token ($XLB) that is backed by digital assets. Libertas, however, are not your typical OHM fork. With the help of a devoted community, auto-staking component and a sustainable financial model, decades of venture capital experience, and an unmatched team of Web3 experts, Libertas provides a novel method to invest in the technological future while generating passive income.

What do investors receive specifically from Libertas Finance?

In plain language: With only a click, get broad exposure to the most promising Web 3 projects.

Libertas performs your due diligence on Web3 investments because the majority of people lack the time or expertise to do it. By holding the $XLB token, you will not only have early access to some of the top projects and most promising hidden gems in the cryptocurrency market, but you will also profit from a state-of-the-art auto-staking and rebase model.

The benefits of investing with Libertas

Simplicity: For novice investors, simplicity is crucial. Assuming you are familiar with mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Libertas offers a product similar to these funds but with carefully chosen Web3 assets. It’s ideal for novice investors who lack the knowledge and resources to learn about the best Web3 projects. Through Libertas’s fund management team, the most straightforward Web3 portfolio the crypto-world has ever seen is now accessible in a truly varied and well-researched fashion.

Safe & Trusted: One of the most talked-about projects in the still incredibly specialized DAO sector is Libertas. The admins will be doxxed, and their smart contracts have been inspected. No rug pulling allowed.

Unparalleled investment opportunities: Libertas Finance’s treasury investments are handled by a carefully chosen team of people who have been chosen by the community as the people most suited to evaluate new endeavours and undiscovered gems. Libertas Finance’s core staff, which consists of advisors and financial experts with extensive experience in venture capital and entrepreneurship, will probably be involved in the project.

Additionally, the core team comes from some of the largest consulting firms in the world and has a wealth of experience to concentrate on Libertas and Web3, as for them, this is by far the most exciting and lucrative field to be in. This effectively gives investors unmatched access to fresh, unproven initiatives.

Multi-level diversity — In addition to diversification across many industries, Libertas also provides a type of intellectual diversification not offered anywhere else. Five minds are superior to one, to put it simply. Would you rather trust a group of specialists and seasoned professionals who have the support of thousands of other members of the community and are fully committed to selecting the Web3 investments with the best potential for profits, or would you rather take a chance on a project that appears promising?

The only place with massive growth potential: This is NOT an OHM fork, as we have already stated, and will do so again. The majority of OHM forks and investment funds either invest in stablecoins or extremely well-established crypto assets to stably support the value of their tokens. For a community like ours looking for alphas from investments, our tokens must pursue growth multiples.

Passive income: Libertas provides holders of the $XLB token with a very straightforward and alluring way to generate passive income by controlling their own liquidity and through Auto-Staking mechanism. Libertas is building a positive economic flywheel that will generously reward its early adopters by taking the best elements of the most successful DAO models and establishing our own distinctive lane.

Community Driven — While some investors prefer to make their own decisions, this is not the Libertas way of doing things. In addition to utilizing the skills of their core staff, they are working to maximize the influence of their neighborhood.

The Libertas community is devoted and progressive, expanding quickly and drawing all the right individuals. The Libertas crew will surely grow in experience as the project progresses, adding to their existing knowledge base. Libertas is uniquely positioned to take advantage of its members’ creativity and knowledge through effective coordination to make the best, most informed investment decisions possible.

Who makes the investment decisions on behalf of Libertas Finance’s investors?

You cannot have just any crypto enthusiast choosing which projects to invest in if you want to get the kind of results Libertas is aiming for.

The SPV, which is effectively a fund that represents the market value of all the assets it owns, is at the core of the Libertas protocol. A fund management team oversees the management of the SPV (FMT). The FMT is a group of Web3 specialists and seasoned venture capitalists that is community-governed and elected.

The core team will initially be best suited to carry out the FMT’s duties and make investment decisions. That said, the community will have the ability to vote in or vote out anybody they choose if they believe there are more suitable candidates to join the FMT. Each applicant will present to the audience their qualifications for the position and their areas of expertise. Every two to three months, they will be judged on how well they performed during their period in office.

Even if the precise investment option has not yet been decided, you may anticipate learning more about allocations and the FMT very soon because Libertas Finance’s public launch is scheduled for Q4, 2022. The best course of action right now is to interact with Libertas Finance on Discord, Twitter, and DYOR and determine for yourself whether you want to take advantage of a straightforward way to promote Web3 while it’s still in its infancy.

The Future Is Here! The future is Now!

Innovative community-led organizations like Libertas Finance are driving the revolution that is currently taking place. One of the best and safest ways to acquire a piece of Web3 is to be an early adopter through an investment vehicle like Libertas. Stay tuned. We are in for a crazy trip.

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